U.S. immigration law is extremely complex and only a professional can assist you through the process. We provide immediate attention to our clients to ensure that every petition is diligently prepared and thoroughly analyzed.

You should know: A U.S. immigration lawyer does more than just fill out immigration forms. Some immigration applicants do not realize this until it is too late and ruin or severely delay their cases by handling things themselves. It is always more efficient, both in time and cost, to hire an attorney to handle your case from the start.

With immigration issues, you do not often get a second chance. An immigration attorney understands the complexities of immigration law and how those laws will be applied to your specific case. We start preparing you for your immigration case from the first consultation. Immigration forms rarely explain potential pitfalls or problems, but we do.

The Lyttle Law Firm is committed to simplifying this process for our clients. We handle immigration cases nationwide and throughout the world.

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