Immigration Bonds

What are immigration bonds?

If you or a family member is in the United States unlawfully, or if you do not have proof that you or a family member are here lawfully, you may be detained by the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

If an immigration bond is granted, you or your family member can be released in order to consult with the lawyer, and either prepare to exit the country or prepare to fight deportation in court. Upon being detained, there are usually two types of immigration bonds that may be available to you, depending upon the specifics of your case and the determination of the judge: the voluntary departure bond and the delivery bond.*

Being detained can be very stressful, confusing and difficult, especially if a family member risks deportation. Seeking the assistance of an immigration attorney is a crucial move in this situation.

*Voluntary departure bond

In the instance of a voluntary departure bond, the immigration judge releases the detainee on the condition that the individual voluntarily agrees to depart from the United States at one’s own expense and in a specified period of time. In this instance, the detainee must comply with the conditions of the bond; if there is failure to do so, the person may be detained again and subject to further charges. The person who decides to voluntarily depart is not fighting deportation, and shows a willingness to leave the country without the removal process.

*Delivery bond

The delivery bond is more or less similar to bonds that may be available to people detained in the U.S. for violations of law. A certain amount of cash that varies according to each case is posted as a guarantee that the released detainee will return for the mandatory court date, at which time the money will be returned. If the detainee fails to return for the court date, the individual will likely be detained again without bond, and it may result in further charges and penalties, including deportation. A detainee who posts delivery bond shows an interest in seeking the services of an immigration lawyer to fight deportation in court, and can often benefit from the assistance of an immigration attorney.

Who can post bonds?

The detainee may post bond himself, or a relative or friend or other individual may post bond on the detainee’s behalf. Other services, such as immigration bond specialists or bondsmen can post bond as well for a higher fee, and usually a co-signer is needed as well as collateral.

Who is eligible?

The immigration judge or officer determine whether or not you or your family member are eligible for a federal immigration bond based upon several factors, including but not limited to the detainee’s willingness and ability to meet the conditions of the bond, as well as demonstrating that release would not pose any danger to property or other people.

In summary, federal immigration bonds for individuals who have been arrested and detained by the ICE allows detainees to be released either to appear for a mandatory court date, or to voluntarily exit the country at their own expense.

When Should You Hire an Immigration Attorney to Assist in Immigration Bonds?

As noted above, the immigration bond process can be very complicated, given the number of requirements and documents that must be submitted to the court.

Unless a person seeking to attain an immigration bond is prepared to educate themselves on the detailed requirements of obtaining this bond, their best option may be to hire a qualified immigration attorney, who can do all the necessary work to make sure that the process runs smoothly and that the legal requirements are met without undue delay or confusion.

Because Ms. Lyttle is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, she can communicate directly with clients in these languages, read and understand documents in these languages, and communicate with any foreign officials in these languages, if necessary.

The Lyttle Law Firm can give you and your family members peace of mind in undertaking this difficult and potentially frustrating and time-consuming task. Once hired, the Lyttle Law Firm will take over the application process from beginning to end, keeping clients informed, and taking the stress out of the process. If you need assistance obtaining an immigration bond, contact the Lyttle Law Firm.